I'm really looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

I really wanted to help, but after what happened, I already can't tell if I believe you two.

Operation Sea Lion was the German code name for the planned invasion of Britain.

Don't lie to me!

I was born in May.

Doesn't he just get on your nerves?

Please mail this letter for me.

I cannot lift this stone.

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He knows how to cheat on his wife.

We must make economies in buying clothes.

Take one tablet a day until all of the medicine is gone.

Please send me a catalogue.

Cover your feet with a blanket.


I want you here.

If I wasn't so hungry, I wouldn't eat this.

They sell carrots at the grocery store.


I never listened to him.


We can see the northern lights from our house!

Leif eventually retired.

Kelvin was lucky that he didn't lose his job.

I love being with him.

If the dog bit him, it's because he messed with it.

I think Ahmet knows more than he's admitting.

Everybody rushed towards her.

I will do anything you say!

Take care of yourself. Don't get sick.

Cindie claims that Google Translator translates better than I do. This is a bold lie

What can you give me?

The ATM has swallowed my debit card.

We haven't had any problems so far.

Don is about as tall as me.

Elaine asked Isaac if he could borrow her French textbook.

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Randell can't cope very well with these kinds of situations.


Saturday is when my father is free.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Did he take part in any war?

Please exchange yen for dollars.

Her ring fell into a river and sank to the bottom.


Raja spent three years in prison.

We could've fought back.

You are prohibited from smoking here.

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Wait until the crowd scatters.

The cat went through the boards.

Could you keep this for me?


Maureen loves his wife.

Mat knows where you are.

Do you know anyone who needs a job?

Masha didn't know her parents.

I know what you're afraid of.

Why didn't you try calling us?

He learned it the hard way.

My aim is to learn enough English so I don't need to carry a dictionary with me when I travel.

The man had just returned from a visit to Europe.

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Please give me a painkiller.

The Statue of Liberty is found in New York.

The answer is clear.

Water is wet.

It's been a while since I've eaten anything with mustard.

Ricardo is in his room sleeping.

I seem to have caught a cold.

The floor was wet with water.

I'll open the curtain for you to look out.

Sydney is Australia's largest city.

Soccer players make a lot of money.

I've had my hair removed permanently, so my skin is smooth.

I couldn't take my eyes off Colin.


I'm afraid I can't.

He would always confide in others.

Do you have enough money to buy one?


Do I have to help Luis?

Joyce had to resign.

This is difficult for us.

Will I get superpowers too?

I think that Esperanto is a difficult language.

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This dictionary is well adapted for beginners.

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Tony is a complete failure as a father.

It's just not worth the risk.

Trent is extremely agitated.

Alfred is a community leader.

It's very difficult to communicate with people from other cultures.

Elizabeth the second is the queen of England.

I was a sophomore in college the year Marla was born.

Who saw me?

You never answered the question.

Everybody calls him Moore.

His joke made all the class burst into laughter.


The government imposed a new tax on farmers.


I have the tickets in my bag.


Benson used to be a lawyer.


Scott has some matters to take care of.

Sometimes love isn't enough.

I understand how much you want to go to the party, but I can't let you go.


There aren't any rules.


I was serious.

Everyone already knows anyway.

Help me clean out the garage.

My name also happens to be Brendan.

Go straight down this street and turn right at the third light.

I couldn't lie to you.

He agreed to what they said.

Say it over a few more times.

Have her come see me.


There are two zombies inside my house.

English is not easy, but it is interesting.

Having a poor goal is better than lacking a goal.

Susumu has an Australian accent.

Neil is a teetotaler.

The mouse ran underneath the bed.

Come if you can.

How expensive!

Cindie wouldn't back down.


She had a happy childhood.

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Does anybody need anything?

At first he had difficulty telling one student from another.

She is shy and always remains in the background.

Amanda took an exhilarating walk round the lake.

Lucifer can't afford that kind of computer.

At last, he gained his end.

Swamy wouldn't do what Carolyn wanted him to do.


Hal was suddenly overcome by a great weariness.

He appeared hungry.

Our house was broken into last week, but it seems nothing was taken.

They're still kissing.

Mr. Fuji died, leaving 4 children behind him.

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She has yellow hair.

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She lost her memory in a traffic accident.

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That's a horse of a different color.

Floria looks older.

Oliver knows how to dive.


He brought me back in his car.

His office is on the other side of the street.

Patrice wondered how long it would be before Sugih realized that John wasn't coming back.


"What were you thinking about?" "I wasn't thinking about anything."

Who ate the last donut?

I know this feeling very well.

It was all there.

Todd should move to Boston.

I know more than you could possibly comprehend.

I'm wondering when to buy a computer.

I had a consultation with a lawyer about my will.

That's absolutely right.

This will make our job a lot easier.

He took her virginity when she was just nineteen.


Something similar happened to me.


I know that the Earth is not flat.

Bob was popular with all his classmates.

Nicolas did not hesitate to risk his life in order to come to Kirsten's rescue.

The barber cut his hair.

Colors speak all languages.

Soohong wants to eat fried rice.

Donne looked discouraged.


Side by side.


I see a cat made of plastic.

How badly was Jeremy hurt?

Schoolchildren in New Zealand regularly undertake earthquake drills.

She apologized to him for being late.

Many people have been vaccinated against the flu this year as well.

I can't believe we're going to lose.

The doctor's careful treatment of the patient brought about her quick recovery.

Lar is a CIA agent.

I agree with Sanford 100% on this.

Ants are swarming around the sugar.

The teacher scolded her class for being noisy.


Here's a test I want you to take.


I'll do as you request.